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Welcome to Dr. Richard Roberti & Associates, where we have been providing our patients with the highest standard of optometric care for over 20 years.  We pride ourselves on the development of  longstanding relationships with our many valued patients throughout the Barrie and surrounding area. At Dr. Richard Roberti and Associates, we feel it is our absolute privilege to be able to take care of our patients’ visual and eye care needs.

Our vision is one of our most precious senses, yet we often take it for granted.  The doctors and staff are committed to helping patients understand all aspects of their vision and preventative ocular health care.  They maintain a high level of professional education and in turn will strive to keep their many valued patients informed and well cared for.

Eye Exams


  • age 19 and under
  • age 65 and older
  • diabetics and patients with certain other medical conditions
  • patients with certain eye diseases

*these patients are seen annually for routine eye examinations, or more frequently in some cases

  • age 20 to 64
  • those with no Ontario health card or those seeking second opinion

*these patient are seen every two years for routine eye examinations, or more frequently in some cases

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Dr. Jana Woolsey is an incredible optometrist! Extremely thorough, friendly, and knowledgeable. I have complete confidence in her expertise. She also has 2 young children, so she’s excellent with child eye exams as well. Highly recommend! – Rate MDs